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Our Story

For more than 12 years, Threadworks has specialised in a
perfection that comes with starched collars, perfect ties and shiny shoes.

Introducing Threadworks

Threadworks brings to you over a decade of specialised uniforms for schools, colleges and healthcare professionals. Running under the aegis of Ellar Enterprises, Threadworks is a new face to an age-old operation. Fuelled by passion and armed with years of knowledge, Threadworks founder, Nasr Khan, works towards perfecting every detail that goes into impeccably tailored uniforms. He’s of the belief that uniforms can be dapper and well-tailored without having to compromise on cost and quality. Our new and improved website has been upgraded to a one-stop solution for school and professional uniforms. Our dedicated web pages of our e-store assure customers fast, reliable service and secure payment options. Our physical store is open from 9 am to 6pm at a centralised location which is open for all those you want to have a hassle-free experience. Our unique measurement system, nationwide delivery and our efficient after-sales service is what makes us the most sought after uniform manufacturer and provider.

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Threadworks operates on three crucial parameters: Time, Cost and Quality.
Threadworks ensures on-time delivery of uniforms, a service that is cost-effective for the customer, and a final product crafted from materials of the highest quality.

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Our Team

Team Threadworks is dynamic, ambitious and experienced. Meet our movers and shakers.

Nasr Khan
Nasr Khan

Nasr has been in the uniform business for over 10 years now. With an eye for detail he constantly reinvents the wheel at Threadworks; perfecting the little details that go into an immaculately tailored uniform. He believes uniforms can be dapper and well-tailored without compromising on quality and cost! Nasr has previously been in the construction business handling management of varied projects.

Nasr Khan is a qualified MBA with a degree in project management from Lancaster, UK. He loves sports and can be found expending energy at a squash court or the football field!