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Collection: Stonehill International School

  • Grey T-Shirt (P1 to P8)
  • Teal T-Shirt (M1 to M5)
  • Maroon T-Shirt (D1 to D2)
  • Orange Dry-Fit (P1 to P8)
  • Maroon Dry-Fit (M1 to M5)
  • Navy Jacket
  • Sports Shorts
  • Elastic Navy Shorts (P1 to P3)
  • Elastic Navy Shorts (P4 to P8)
  • Formal Navy Shorts (M1 to M5)
  • Elastic Trousers (M1 to M5)
  • Navy Socks
  • ST Hat (M1 to M5)
  • ST Cap (P1 to P8)